Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Venus in Leo 2012

Venus Launches through Leo    September 6 - October 3, 2012

Venus, the planet of personal possessions, friendship, relationships, monetary gains and harmony in the individual Fixed Fire sign of Leo becomes creative and brave. The Venus transit through Leo can be a lovely warm magical influence. Attractions are strengthened between lovers as well as bonds between parent to child. This is a great time to explore new creative ideas or to expand on the creative talents that we already possess. We tend to be a bit riskier with our ideas, our romantic connections, and also with our money.

We may become more reward-seeking, pleasure desiring and even somewhat self-indulgent while Venus visits Leo. We seem to be attracted to the finest, most expensive items, and when we find them, we are more likely to spend the money to get them. We may also become more "dramatic" in our desire to seek attention from others.

Individuals born with Venus in Leo tend to be fun loving and in many cases, irresistible to their love interests. In a crowd of people, the Leo Venus born is likely to take center-stage. They tend to be extremely generous with gifts, praise, talents and love. They tend to have a special bond with their children. Probably because they are in tune to the children's specific needs and desires for security. They may be drawn into many love affairs in their lifetime, especially as the luster wears off of an existing relationship. They not only have talent, they have the ability to find talent within others.

Some famous individuals with Venus in Leo:

Alfred Hitchcock
George Bush, Jr.
Greta Garbo
Gwyneth Paltrow
Jeremy Irons
Lindsay Lohan
Michael Jackson

Nicole Kidman
Olivia Newton-John
Pamela Anderson
Salma Hayek
Sean Hayes
Tobey Maguire
Tom Cruise
Whitney Houston

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Venus in Cancer 2012

Venus Catapults through Cancer August 7 - September 6, 2012

Venus, the planet of friends, value, love, partnerships and beauty is moving into the zodiac sign that helps us in regards to hearth, home, and childhood memories. There is also a sense of nurturing and devotion associated with the sign of Cancer. Cancer is a communal Water Cardinal influence, helping us to feel a sense of patriotism, domesticity and economic stability. At times, sentimentality can cloud our choices, or our pride can cause us to ignore the obvious consequences. We may be become more moody than usual when life involves money or love decisions.

While Venus transits Cancer, we might feel sentimental, a bit old-fashioned in the romantic arena, and concerned about financial situations involving home and family. Our emotional connections and childhood memories at closely tied to both money and love. We react with our instincts to the possibilities of love and finances based on what we learned as children. Events involving chaos or confusion are typically avoided since we crave peace in our family life at this time. We may even be inclined to try to "buy" the peace that we seek. We have a tendency to rely too much on others in our homes or families, with high expectations.

Individuals with Venus in Cancer tend to seek out love. They have a romantic streak once the person of interest has proven their trustworthiness. Cancer Venus holders are more cautious in the departments of love and money. Often, the two seemingly different concepts become intertwined. If you are a male with Venus in Cancer, you may hold off getting involved with a partner until you feel that you have a reliable source of income. If you are a female with Venus in Cancer, you are likely to search out a partner who can provide and protect your security or becoming self-sufficient to the point of rejecting a potential partner who can't stand on his/her own two feet. Once the security piece is in place, the native Cancer Venus holder becomes quite sensual and effusive toward the person who has won his/her heart. On the somewhat downside of the Venus in Cancer influence is the tendency for jealousy and/or greed.

Some famous individuals with Venus in Cancer:

Angelina Jolie
Anna Kournikova
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Barack H. Obama, II
Ben Affleck
Billy Ray Cyrus
Bob Hope
Cameron Diaz
Carl Jung
Clint Eastwood
Courteney Cox
Donald Trump
Dustin Hoffman
Ernest Hemingway
Harry S. Truman
Helen Keller

Jerry Garcia
Jimmy Stewart
Judy Garland
Juliette Lewis
Keanu Reeves
Kristi Yamaguchi
La Toya Jackson
Lyndon B. Johnson
Mae West
Martin Sheen
Meryl Streep
Natalie Portman
Nicole Brown Simpson
O.J. Simpson
Steve Martin
Willem Dafoe

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Venus Retrograde in Gemini - 2012

Venus spanks Cupid

Venus direct in Gemini

Venus' transit through Gemini tends to be fun-loving although not very focused. Money situations tend to be fluctuating and inconsistent. Interestingly, relationships that have been extremely intense or stressed up until now are likely to loosen into a more relaxed mode. However, some of these relationships will splinter while Venus is in Gemini simply because the heart doesn't want to continue to be in a downtrodden space. The influence of Gemini is that commitment may no longer seem so important. Not that Gemini can't be committed, but there has to be a valid reason to support the investment.

Venus retrograde in Gemini

The unfocused energy will shift when Venus begins the retrograde motion on May 15. The intensity could return, but in a different way. As soon as the passion or zest has left, the harsh words are more likely to fly. We may ignore the fact that our words are powerful weapons. We may feel we need to intentionally severe the connections. Partnerships could break apart under the pressures of vacillating finances. Fights over intellectual property are also likely to occur. There is the potential for new talents to swing into the spot light while Venus retrogrades in Gemini since the rawness of the energies will tend to scare or subdue the traditional concepts allowing the fresh but slightly different abilities to shine through. This truly is a period allowing all of us to think out-side of the normal box. It can be a period of decisive inspiration and adventure if we can let go of the conventional societal worries. Unlike a Mercury retrograde transit in Gemini, Venus could actually help us by spinning new ideas into quick reality. Where we will stumble is when our choices become too many to make a quick decisive selection. We may lose momentum quickly if we are forced to evaluate too many good ideas all at once.

Venus out of bounds in Gemini

We will feel less control over our decisions while Venus is transiting Out of Bounds. That is the nature of the extreme declination (exdek) transit that can cause stable situations to collapse and organized ideals to crumble into nebula. The Out of Bounds transit will end on June 3. The stress will be dramatically reduced, but not eliminated once the Out of Bounds transit ends.

Retrograde Venus will station direct on June 27, and then we can relax and truly enjoy the influences of Venus in Gemini.

Venus retrograde patterns

For those individuals who enjoy looking to the patterns of Venus Retrograde in Gemini, I have created a table that allows us to look at the periods in the future as well as the past. First, we notice that the retrograde occurs almost consistently 8 years within a days apart. When the entire retrograde occurs in the sign, we generally have about 40 days of Venus retrograde in the sign. As Venus begins to overlap signs, the periods of retrograde within Gemini becomes shorter and shorter. Venus retrogrades can over with Taurus or Cancer. In the last century, between 1988 and 1932, Venus retrograde occurred in both Cancer and Gemini every eight years. Prior to that, Venus retrograde occurred only in Cancer between 1884 and 1924 before Venus overlapped both Cancer and Leo. Looking back even farther, Venus overlapped with Taurus in the 1800s through 1849. Then Venus transited in Taurus alone between 1857 through 1897, again eight years apart. Essentially, Venus will transit retrograde in Gemini for a period of a few days to a little over a month once every eight years spanning a period of about 168 years (approximately 21 times), then there will be a span of about 75 years when Venus will not transit retrograde in Gemini at all before starting the cycle all over again. The previous cycle started in 1681 and ended in 1849. The current cycle of Venus retrograding in Gemini once every eight years began in 1932 and will end in 2100.

Future and previous Venus in Gemini Retrograde Periods

Venus Rx in GeminiEnd Venus Rx in Gemini
2036 Gemini only
2028 Gemini only
2020 Gemini only
2012 Gemini only
2004 Gemini only
1996 Gemini only
1988 Cancer/Gemini
1980 Cancer/Gemini
1972 Cancer/Gemini
1964 Cancer/Gemini6/187/11
1956 Cancer/Gemini6/247/13
1948 Cancer/Gemini6/307/16
1940 Cancer/Gemini7/057/18
1932 Cancer/Gemini7/137/20
1849 Gemini/Taurus4/214/24
1841 Gemini/Taurus4/235/04

Famous Venus Gemini retrograde

There are not a lot of noted performers/celebrities born with Venus retrograde in Gemini. The few that I could track are as follows, ordered by year of birth. Johannes Brahms 1833, Ringo Starr 1940, Tom Hanks 1956, Amy Brenneman and Courtney Love 1964, Paul DelVecchio 1980, Kevin McHale and Michael Cera 1988. The majority of individuals I found who are famous, are athletes. Two of the more well-known names that I noted were Rosy Grier 1932 football and Venus Williams 1980 tennis. There were a lot of athletes that came out of the year 1972, born with Venus retrograde in Gemini. Some of them are as follows. Justin Leonard golf, Shawnelle Scott basketball, Darrell May baseball, Ramiro Mendoza baseball, Andy Pettitte baseball, Jay Bellamy football, Mitch Berger football, Tony Berti football, Stony Case football, Billy Davis football, Tyrone Davis football, Tom Hutton football, Marvin Jones football, Andrew Jordan football, Shawn King football, Marvin Marshall football, James McKnight football, Jerris McPhail football, Roell Preston football, Cory Schlesinger football, Darnay Scott football, and Michael Westbrook football, just to name the ones I could find! But, there were several fairly well known athletes born in 1964, as well.  Perhaps Venus retrograde in Gemini brings out the more competitive side of the Gemini Venus energies.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Venus in Gemini 2012

Venus Gallops through Gemini April 3 - August 7, 2012

Venus, the planet of camaraderie, business partners, balance and beauty in the individual Mutable Air sign of Gemini becomes witty and carefree. Travel, education and imagination are likely to be the focus. We may change our attitudes at the drop of the hat. While we may not be quite as reliable as we were while Venus was in Taurus, we do feel like exploring the intellectual side of love. We may also be more open to diversity and progressiveness. Financially, we are likely to forget all about our spending constraints.

The Venus in Gemini craves open communication. Despite the non-threatening connections of love, the Gemini love energies do not always feel solid or real. The light-hearted Gemini energy could be unsettling for those who feel the need for strong commitment within the relationship. The unflattering nature of Venus in Gemini is the impatient and fickle attitudes that can surface. While Venus transits Gemini, people are willing to explore all types of pleasures to the extreme.

Individuals with Venus in Gemini have a tendency to compartmentalize their love and relationships. The emotional piece of love can end up being over analyzed. Yet, the love from a Gemini Venus can feel very lighthearted and fresh to the recipient. The person with Venus in Gemini tends to like traveling, learning, music and art. The concept of staying home while cooking or maintaining the house, day in and day out, simply does not appeal to this individual. Money issues abound with the native Venus in Gemini holder, since there is a carefree attitude about their financial picture. The individual with a Gemini Venus is frequently misunderstood when it comes to love since they come across as cool and aloof in the romance department. There is a tendency to flirt with everyone, so it is important for the owner of a Gemini Venus to shower their lover with an extra slathering of love to help keep the peace.

Some famous individuals with Venus in Gemini

Abigail Van Buren (Dear Abby)
Ann Landers
Bette Davis
Bill Cosby
Bing Crosby
Bob Dylan
Brooke Shields
Colin Farrell
Courtney Love
Dorothy Hamill
Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
Frida Kahlo
Georgio Armani
Gerald Ford

Gregory Peck
Isadora Duncan
Jacqueline Kennedy-Onassis
Jessica Simpson
Johannes Brahms
John F Kennedy
Karim Abdul-Jabbar
Kylie Minogue
Malcom X
Nelson Mandela
Ringo Starr
Russell Crowe
Sandra Bullock
Uma Thurman
Venus Williams

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Venus in Taurus 2012

Venus Treks thru Taurus  March 5 - April 3, 2012

Venus, the planet of personal possessions, value, balance, relationships and beauty is moving into the zodiac sign that helps in regards to personal finance, comfort and commitment. Taurus is a communal Earth Fixed influence, encouraging us to be more patient and to trust our own decisions. Venus is at home in Taurus as it is one of the two signs that Venus rules over. This sign is associated with the resource and money side of Venus' domain, but there is so much more to it.  There is also a craftsmanship component with pride of work and ownership.  Virtually anything that is worked for and earned while Venus is transiting Taurus to appreciated so much more. Persistence is so much easier to hang on to when Venus visits Taurus.

While Venus transits Taurus, we may yearn for a simpler way of life. We like to reminisce about the old-fashioned pleasures that we once enjoyed. This is a time when we just can't seem to say no when we see memorabilia that reminds us of our childhood or our fantasies when attending auctions or collection events. We may crave comfort foods that remind us of home and family. This period can also become a hoarder's nightmare as we just can't let go of anything.  It is a very difficult time to rid ourselves of useless items that no longer have value simply because of the most simple memories attached to the items. Don't expect to get much cleaned out of storage while Venus transits Taurus.

Individuals with Venus in Taurus are extremely romantic and loving.  They tend to wear their heart on their sleeve in the love department.  They love expressing their love to the point of extreme opulence.  However, the Taurus also has a desire to "own" objects as a way of showing wealth.  They need to be extremely careful not to try to own their partner, since these "ownership" concepts quickly wear old and the "owned" tend to feel as though they have become indentured servants to their lovers. The excesses can eventually smother any passion that originated. Finding a partner who shares their interest in art, talents or lifestyle will help minimize the potential difficulties.

Some famous individuals with Venus in Taurus:

Ann Margret
Billy Joel
Carol Burnett
Ella Fitzgerald
Ellen Barkin
Eric Clapton
Frank Lloyd Wright
George Lucas
Ian McKellen
Jessica Alba
John (Duke) Wayne
John Edwards
Johnny Depp
Juliana Margulies

Leonardo de Vinci
Marlon Brando
Nancy Reagan
Paul McCartney
Pete Wentz
Pope John Paul II
Prince William
Princess Diana of Wales
Ricky Schroder
Ryan O'Neal
Stacy Ferguson "Fergie"
Steffi Graf
Tennessee Williams
Tim Curry
Willie Nelson

Monday, February 6, 2012

Venus in Aries 2012

Venus Advances through Aries    February 8 - March 4, 2012

Venus, the planet of romance, beauty, relationships and finances, is moving into the zodiac sign that helps us in regards to our individuality, courage and motivation. Aries is a Cardinal Fire influence, helping us to feel a sense of drive, enthusiasm, and even some sense of leadership. With the level of enthusiasm that Venus in Aries produces, we may end up being impatient and possibly, over reacting to any given situation. We really are not going to miss a beat if we pause for a moment to think about consequences and possibilities. One piece of the equation will involve our own sense of emotional security.

While Venus transits Aries, we definitely know how to turn on the charm. We will seem to gravitate towards experiences that appease our desires for sensuality, beauty and romance. We just seem to want everything around us to be pleasurable. Everyone seems to be in this same pleasure seeking mode, so attraction will definitely not be an issue. This is a good time to invest in the stock market on cosmetic companies since so many individuals, both men and women, will be wanting to look their best and join in on the self-indulging scene. This is a time where money flows more freely. We are more likely to be granted a raise at work while Venus transits Aries, and we are also more like to spend more than we can really afford.

Individuals with Venus in Aries are quick to find love interests. How long that interest is sustained is totally up to them since they sometimes fall out of love as soon as the newness wears off. The Aries Venus person should seek out partners who are dynamic and energetic who can quickly sense what to do when the relationship starts to grow a bit stale. Aries Venus people are the ones who truly stand out in a crowd as they tend to be blessed with extra charm and attractiveness. On the downside, because of their natural beauty and style, they may sometimes lean towards narcissism if the come to expect that they are better than everyone else. More often than not, they just want to please their friends and love interests. Their desire for affection and love is a strong attractable feature that can't be denied.

Abraham Lincoln
Albert Einstein
Bob Marley
Chaz (Chastity) Bono
Debra Winger
Elizabeth Taylor
George Clooney
Harry Belafonte
Harry Houdini
Hugh Downs
Jack Nicholson
Janet Jackson
Jennifer Aniston
Johnny Cash
Liza Minnelli

Mariah Carey
Marilyn Monroe
Martha Graham
Matt Dillon
Melissa Etheridge
Mia Farrow
Nat King Cole
Rene Zellweger
Robert Downey Jr.
Sarah Jessica Parker
Sarah Michelle Gellar
Shaquille O'Neal
Sigmund Freud
Stevie Wonder

Monday, January 16, 2012

Retrograde Mars in Virgo 2012

Prior to writing about the 2012 Mars Retrograde transit through the sign of Virgo, I did a bit of research online. I figure that there is absolutely no reason to write a whole long article when there is great information already available. And there are several pieces that I will be referring you to at the end of this piece as well as referencing within. Let's start right off with the points I want you to be aware of first.
Mars Land Rover - Retro Style

As always, Rob Tillett does a great job describing the whys and whats about Mars retrograde.  If you need more information about just what it is, I recommend the "Astrology on the Web" site (first link at the bottom of the piece). A significant key piece of information there is that when Mars IS transiting retrograde, it is passing closer to the Earth, generating more sparks than usual. Another important piece of information to remember, as pointed out in the article, is the fact that Mars "does not react well to being held back, or... (gasp!) going backwards!" 

Lynn Koiner does a great job of explaining how Mars retrograde has a tendency of depleting our normal vitality. As she points out, when we try to initiate a new plan while Mars is retrograde, we end up losing out.  While Mars retrograde is not like Mercury's retrograde of "redo" and "replenish," it is still very "reactive." Take the time to read Lynn's piece to get a better understanding of what to expect.

Wendy Guy at Evolving Door also has a great article about Mars retrograde. It has some awesome suggestions of how to work productively throughout the Mars retrograde transit.

One more article that I feel is worth a mention is Chad Woodward's piece on the Kosmic Mind Blog. While some of it will feel like a bit of a repeat of the first three articles that I have mentioned, it is chocked full of additional information that is very relevant.  Besides, a bit of Mars retrograde repeat can't hurt anyone! It can only help to confirm the message about being diligent and cautious!

This next short piece of information will also feel a lot like a repeat, and it is. But keep reading to the end of the paragraph, because you may just learn something extra. Remember that Mars is not really moving backward at all. It is an illusion based on the transit of Mars in relation to the Earth and Sun.  This retrograde is from a Geocentric Earth perspective.  When we look at the Heliocentric (Mars in relation to the Sun) we discover that the Mars' retrograde is gone, and Mars is transiting in a totally different sign (at least for a while). This is information that you won't find in the other articles. The Helio Mars transit can be used to help us coordinate our activities while the Geo Mars appears to be moving retrograde.

On January 24, the Helio Mars will be in Leo and the Sun (Geo) from the Earth will be in Aquarius. It is believed that the Helio Mars in Leo adds an intensity to the Virgo retrograde Mars. There is a passion for correct protocol as well as being the first one with the right answer or, as the very least, not embarrassing ourselves with an incorrect reply. Responses from others tend to be forceful, causing us to feel uncomfortable or even fearful of what is to come. The Helio Mars transit in Leo will end on February 1, 2012. Then, Helio Mars will transit in Virgo along with the Mars retrograde transit. This will make for a fairly easy ride until the Sun moves into Pisces on March 20.  Then, Watch Out! Health and psychological issues are likely to crop up. We may end up attracting rude or aggressive people into our lives. We simply may not have a realistic perspective of ourselves or our situations. Because of this, we are inclined to try to put off decisions until later. Unfortunately, that choice to postpone ends up, most likely, to be the wrong choice. Shortly before the Mars retrograde ends, the Helio Mars moves into Libra on April 9, 2012. We are more prone to voicing our opinions hastily before realizing that we have just squashed an important opportunity or alienated an individual who may have been in a position to help. For the last five days of the retrograde, we can make use of the Helio Libra influence by being more inclusive of everyone and work within the team instead of "over" the team, for a sense of cohesiveness.

Health Matters
Mars retrograde in Virgo can have an overall impact on our health, particularly in regards to our intestines. We may feel a bit sluggish during this retrograde; healthy foods and exercise are important components to surviving this transit. Mars doesn't want us to take the "easy way" during the retrograde transit and we are more likely to suffer the consequences if we don't stay active.

Aspects in Retrograde
Additionally, we should look at the various transiting aspects that Mars will form during the duration of the retrograde transit. Starting with the beginning of the retrograde, January 24, Mars and Mercury will be forming a trine. Mercury will still be in Capricorn. Mercury rules over the sign of Virgo.  For the start of the retrograde, we are likely to feel quite optimistic. If we use this as a starting point to test out some new ideas, we should feel rather productive.

The end of January into the first few days of February, Mars and Venus will form an opposition while Venus transits through Pisces. Relationships and finances are likely to boil over with angry altercations possible. Although it will be difficult to do, we really will benefit by taking long walks, going to the gym or generally finding some way to clear our heads through exercise and possibly some soothing music to calm our jangled nerves.

On February 21, Mercury will start forming an opposition to Mars for several days. Again, another good time to work out to relieve the stress.  The thoughts we have in our heads are not likely to go well if we decide to verbalize them.

March 1, the Sun will oppose Mars for a few days. Another period of frustration, particularly with ourselves and our current situations.

Then, a nice reprieve for a few days starting March 11, when Venus, Jupiter, Mars and Pluto form an Earth Grand Trine.  If we choose to include Chiron in Pisces, we will see the Kite Aspect Pattern for a few days. This is the time to look for opportunities and productive shifts in perception. Again, think of this as a potential testing period to get our ideas in the works to see if they can actually survive beyond the test run. This is also a great period of time to get some of our medical concerns checked out. 

The last significant aspect before Mars ends the retrograde transit will be a T-square. April 5, Venus in Gemini will square Mars along with Neptune and Chiron in Pisces. That means that Mars has moved to the point of opposing Neptune and Chiron. If we are typically creative in nature, we are likely to feel wiped clean of our usual talents and artistic skills. The talents are not lost.  We just need to slow down and ease out of this retrograde. The retrograde of Mars will station on April 14, 2012.

Mars will be at its closest point to Earth the first week of March (March 3 - 5) for this particular orbit around the Sun. Hopefully, I have given you some extra food for thought that can help you navigate through this Mars retrograde successfully.

Born with Mars in Virgo Retrograde?
I also want to recognize that small population of people who were born with a placement of Mars retrograde in Virgo. I have included a table with the Mars in Retrograde transits through Virgo from the past at the bottom of this article.

Those of you born with Mars in the Mutable Earth sign of Virgo; you tend to put significant energy into organizing your practical and tangible affairs. You are the ardent worker who finds your best success when working in an organized and systematic manner. Regardless of the economy or your fiscal situation, somehow you always manage to pay your bills and provide the basic necessities of life. Ambitious and even a bit arrogant, but in a behind the scenes fashion. Stubborn with the ability to detach your emotions from the outcomes. You may be demeaning or demanding of both yourself, and others. Check that behavior at the door when ever possible.  It's neither necessary nor essential in finding success. You may be perceived as calculating, clever, ingenious and passionately determined. Where your downfall tends to rest is in the fine details.  You have a habit of focusing too much attention on the minutia.  You are considered to be a cool cucumber in the sex department.  In reality, you love the exotic, erotic and mentally tantalizing facets of sex. The puritan version of the "virgin," you are not! You just have the ability to keep a tight reign over your rapturous emotions. You should avoid a tendency to worry or feel extreme guilt when the actions of others drive you into expressing anger and frustration. Let it go, and move on to the next situation. However, if it becomes a repeating pattern, then it's time to investigate the underlying root cause of the aggravations.

If you were born with Mars retrograde in Virgo, then you will quickly fall into a stride during this transit. It may almost feel uncomfortably "normal" for you. Hey, I bet you didn't expect that!

Just a Little More!
The average number of days that any Mars retrograde will last is 75 days. The shortest number of days of the Mars retrograde transit is while Mars retrogrades through Aquarius and/or Pisces, usually about 59 days while the longest transits in retrograde are while Mars retrogrades through Leo and/or Virgo, usually lasting about 80 days. So, yes, this Mars retrograde will be one of the longer of the transits.

If you are interested in learning which celebrities have Virgo Mars in retrograde, send me a quick email through the contact page on lunarliving.org  I was surprised to learn how many athletes have a retrograde Virgo Mars!

Time periods when Mars was retrograde in Virgo.
1997~ March 8 - April 271965~ January 28 - April 191933~ January 20 - April 11
1995~ January 2 - 221950~ March 28 - May 3
1980~ January 16 - Mar 111948~ January 8 - Feb 121918~ February 25 - April 25
*Please note that some Mars in Virgo retrograde periods are considerably shorter than others. The short spans are the result of the retrograde initiating or regressing into a different sign (Libra or Leo, respectively).

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Venus in Pisces 2012

Venus Paces through Pisces   January 14, 2012 - February 7,  2012

Venus, the planet of balance, value, aesthetics and partnerships in the zodiac sign that helps us to define the past, hidden friends or enemies, and secrecy can develop into quite the mystery. Pisces is the Mutable Water sign influencing the ties that bind and bond us when Venus is involved. Fantasies of romance and money can cause us to make some disastrous choices. We do better if we put aside our own gratifications and focus on helping out a friend or loved one. Just don't do it with the expectation of a quick payback. Actions for the betterment of another, without spite or malice, may not be as simple as it seems. Venus' influence wants everything to be fair and just, while Pisces totally fuels those elusive effusive affairs of the heart.

While Venus is transiting Pisces, there is always the potential for a secret romance or a mystery admirer. Additionally, we may discover more about the ones we love. In the realm of finance, money takes on a different significance, particularly if there's a charitable, spiritual or emotional connection. We need to be more aware of our own reasonings in our personal decisions for our joy and happiness to manifest. We may hide our true feelings for wanting or giving affection to protect our fantasy of the ideal.

Individuals born with Venus in Pisces tends to be compassionate. Those who have been repeatedly hurt over time as a result of their selfless compassion may be less willing to express their passion when initiating into a new relationship, in hopes that the lover will eventually see into their soul. They may love another "from afar" in an effort to protect the romantic vision or the love fantasy. The Venus in Pisces person may desire a "need to be needed" relationship. They tend to be extremely romantic due to their intuitive nature. When they meet the right person, their love is beyond devotion and selfless; it is almost sacred. It is not uncommon for Venus in Pisces individuals to be exceptionally talented with their sensitive imaginations that allow them to plummet into the depths of romance and beauty.

Some famous individuals with Venus in Pisces:

Barbra Streisand
Billie Holiday
Charles Dickens
Christian Dior
Dakota Fanning
Diana Ross
Drew Barrymore
Edgar Allen Poe
Emmylou Harris
Erik Estrada
Francis F Coppola
George Harrison
George Washington
Hans Grimm
Hugh Hefner

Jason Bateman
John Travolta
Julian Lennon
Kurt Cobain
Martin Luther King
Marvin Gaye
Michelle Pfeiffer
Penelope Cruz
Rod Stewart
Ronald Reagan
Shirley MacLaine
Sidney Poitier
Tom Brokaw
Tom Selleck
Vincent Van Gogh