Sunday, October 9, 2011

Venus in Scorpio 2011

Venus Strikes a pose in Scorpio   October 9 - November 1, 2011

When Venus transits Scorpio, the passion within our relationships increases exponentially. Trying to satiate the lust that can be associated with Venus' trip through Scorpio is not easy. The characteristics from the planet of affection, beauty and money in the fixed element sign of Scorpio runs considerably deeper than in any other sign. Interestingly enough, despite the intensity, we also appear more aloof and distant until we feel a sense of trust. Scorpio is also associated with finances, but having more to do with loans, trusts and owing rather than money earned. Scorpio is better known for the hidden, mysterious under-currents of life.

The desire of Venus in Scorpio is a sense of integrity as well as intrigue. Superficial associations will never be satisfactory, however, the political field for the influence and status is sometimes connected with Venus in Scorpio. It's that power and control feature of Scorpio that can quickly be lured into politics. Be alert; there can also be layers of jealousy and revenge that can catch us off guard. There always seems to be a catch within any relationship when Venus transits Scorpio. While loyalty and integrity are a high priority, the expectation is that when it is given, it must also be received.

Individuals born with Venus in Scorpio are especially romantic and passionate. But they are also very upfront and sincere about their feelings within the relationship. They tend to be very knowledgeable about specific subjects. They are frequently interested in the psychological nature of others because they seem to have an intuitive understanding of human thought processes. They sometimes have a difficult time with finances until they come to understand that money is not an "entitlement" but a resource that is to be earned and respected. They may not have a large number of friends, but the friends they choose to be around have earned the Venus in Scorpio seal of approval.

Some famous individuals with Venus in Scorpio

Bette Midler
Bill Gates
Carl Sagan
Chris Evert
Demi Moore
Denzel Washington
Goldie Hawn
Heidi Montag
Hillary Rodham Clinton
Jana Novotna

Jodie Foster
Keith Richards
Leonardo DiCaprio
Marie Antoinette
Patty Duke
Shawn Kemp
Sigourney Weaver
Ted Bundy
Winona Ryder