Monday, April 2, 2012

Venus in Gemini 2012

Venus Gallops through Gemini April 3 - August 7, 2012

Venus, the planet of camaraderie, business partners, balance and beauty in the individual Mutable Air sign of Gemini becomes witty and carefree. Travel, education and imagination are likely to be the focus. We may change our attitudes at the drop of the hat. While we may not be quite as reliable as we were while Venus was in Taurus, we do feel like exploring the intellectual side of love. We may also be more open to diversity and progressiveness. Financially, we are likely to forget all about our spending constraints.

The Venus in Gemini craves open communication. Despite the non-threatening connections of love, the Gemini love energies do not always feel solid or real. The light-hearted Gemini energy could be unsettling for those who feel the need for strong commitment within the relationship. The unflattering nature of Venus in Gemini is the impatient and fickle attitudes that can surface. While Venus transits Gemini, people are willing to explore all types of pleasures to the extreme.

Individuals with Venus in Gemini have a tendency to compartmentalize their love and relationships. The emotional piece of love can end up being over analyzed. Yet, the love from a Gemini Venus can feel very lighthearted and fresh to the recipient. The person with Venus in Gemini tends to like traveling, learning, music and art. The concept of staying home while cooking or maintaining the house, day in and day out, simply does not appeal to this individual. Money issues abound with the native Venus in Gemini holder, since there is a carefree attitude about their financial picture. The individual with a Gemini Venus is frequently misunderstood when it comes to love since they come across as cool and aloof in the romance department. There is a tendency to flirt with everyone, so it is important for the owner of a Gemini Venus to shower their lover with an extra slathering of love to help keep the peace.

Some famous individuals with Venus in Gemini

Abigail Van Buren (Dear Abby)
Ann Landers
Bette Davis
Bill Cosby
Bing Crosby
Bob Dylan
Brooke Shields
Colin Farrell
Courtney Love
Dorothy Hamill
Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
Frida Kahlo
Georgio Armani
Gerald Ford

Gregory Peck
Isadora Duncan
Jacqueline Kennedy-Onassis
Jessica Simpson
Johannes Brahms
John F Kennedy
Karim Abdul-Jabbar
Kylie Minogue
Malcom X
Nelson Mandela
Ringo Starr
Russell Crowe
Sandra Bullock
Uma Thurman
Venus Williams