Sunday, May 13, 2012

Venus Retrograde in Gemini - 2012

Venus spanks Cupid

Venus direct in Gemini

Venus' transit through Gemini tends to be fun-loving although not very focused. Money situations tend to be fluctuating and inconsistent. Interestingly, relationships that have been extremely intense or stressed up until now are likely to loosen into a more relaxed mode. However, some of these relationships will splinter while Venus is in Gemini simply because the heart doesn't want to continue to be in a downtrodden space. The influence of Gemini is that commitment may no longer seem so important. Not that Gemini can't be committed, but there has to be a valid reason to support the investment.

Venus retrograde in Gemini

The unfocused energy will shift when Venus begins the retrograde motion on May 15. The intensity could return, but in a different way. As soon as the passion or zest has left, the harsh words are more likely to fly. We may ignore the fact that our words are powerful weapons. We may feel we need to intentionally severe the connections. Partnerships could break apart under the pressures of vacillating finances. Fights over intellectual property are also likely to occur. There is the potential for new talents to swing into the spot light while Venus retrogrades in Gemini since the rawness of the energies will tend to scare or subdue the traditional concepts allowing the fresh but slightly different abilities to shine through. This truly is a period allowing all of us to think out-side of the normal box. It can be a period of decisive inspiration and adventure if we can let go of the conventional societal worries. Unlike a Mercury retrograde transit in Gemini, Venus could actually help us by spinning new ideas into quick reality. Where we will stumble is when our choices become too many to make a quick decisive selection. We may lose momentum quickly if we are forced to evaluate too many good ideas all at once.

Venus out of bounds in Gemini

We will feel less control over our decisions while Venus is transiting Out of Bounds. That is the nature of the extreme declination (exdek) transit that can cause stable situations to collapse and organized ideals to crumble into nebula. The Out of Bounds transit will end on June 3. The stress will be dramatically reduced, but not eliminated once the Out of Bounds transit ends.

Retrograde Venus will station direct on June 27, and then we can relax and truly enjoy the influences of Venus in Gemini.

Venus retrograde patterns

For those individuals who enjoy looking to the patterns of Venus Retrograde in Gemini, I have created a table that allows us to look at the periods in the future as well as the past. First, we notice that the retrograde occurs almost consistently 8 years within a days apart. When the entire retrograde occurs in the sign, we generally have about 40 days of Venus retrograde in the sign. As Venus begins to overlap signs, the periods of retrograde within Gemini becomes shorter and shorter. Venus retrogrades can over with Taurus or Cancer. In the last century, between 1988 and 1932, Venus retrograde occurred in both Cancer and Gemini every eight years. Prior to that, Venus retrograde occurred only in Cancer between 1884 and 1924 before Venus overlapped both Cancer and Leo. Looking back even farther, Venus overlapped with Taurus in the 1800s through 1849. Then Venus transited in Taurus alone between 1857 through 1897, again eight years apart. Essentially, Venus will transit retrograde in Gemini for a period of a few days to a little over a month once every eight years spanning a period of about 168 years (approximately 21 times), then there will be a span of about 75 years when Venus will not transit retrograde in Gemini at all before starting the cycle all over again. The previous cycle started in 1681 and ended in 1849. The current cycle of Venus retrograding in Gemini once every eight years began in 1932 and will end in 2100.

Future and previous Venus in Gemini Retrograde Periods

Venus Rx in GeminiEnd Venus Rx in Gemini
2036 Gemini only
2028 Gemini only
2020 Gemini only
2012 Gemini only
2004 Gemini only
1996 Gemini only
1988 Cancer/Gemini
1980 Cancer/Gemini
1972 Cancer/Gemini
1964 Cancer/Gemini6/187/11
1956 Cancer/Gemini6/247/13
1948 Cancer/Gemini6/307/16
1940 Cancer/Gemini7/057/18
1932 Cancer/Gemini7/137/20
1849 Gemini/Taurus4/214/24
1841 Gemini/Taurus4/235/04

Famous Venus Gemini retrograde

There are not a lot of noted performers/celebrities born with Venus retrograde in Gemini. The few that I could track are as follows, ordered by year of birth. Johannes Brahms 1833, Ringo Starr 1940, Tom Hanks 1956, Amy Brenneman and Courtney Love 1964, Paul DelVecchio 1980, Kevin McHale and Michael Cera 1988. The majority of individuals I found who are famous, are athletes. Two of the more well-known names that I noted were Rosy Grier 1932 football and Venus Williams 1980 tennis. There were a lot of athletes that came out of the year 1972, born with Venus retrograde in Gemini. Some of them are as follows. Justin Leonard golf, Shawnelle Scott basketball, Darrell May baseball, Ramiro Mendoza baseball, Andy Pettitte baseball, Jay Bellamy football, Mitch Berger football, Tony Berti football, Stony Case football, Billy Davis football, Tyrone Davis football, Tom Hutton football, Marvin Jones football, Andrew Jordan football, Shawn King football, Marvin Marshall football, James McKnight football, Jerris McPhail football, Roell Preston football, Cory Schlesinger football, Darnay Scott football, and Michael Westbrook football, just to name the ones I could find! But, there were several fairly well known athletes born in 1964, as well.  Perhaps Venus retrograde in Gemini brings out the more competitive side of the Gemini Venus energies.