Sunday, December 18, 2011

Venus Transit Updates

This past year, I initiated a series of Venus transit information for the twelve zodiac signs.  I have completed the series and will be republishing them here with updated transit dates for the future.  The older ones are set back into the queue for next year.  If you are looking for ones that you know were posted in the past but seem to have vanished, they are not totally gone, they will be reissued in the near future. The entire series is available at "Astrology Home's" Basic Astrology Information.  Thanks!

Venus in Aquarius 2011/2012

Venus Accelerates through Aquarius    December 20, 2011 - January 13, 2012

Venus, the planet of balance, harmony, beauty, friendship and resources, when transiting in Aquarius, helps us out with social connections and career worth. Aquarius is the Fixed Air sign. We develop a stronger analytical outlook in the realm of science, as well as areas of humanitarianism. The social ties created at this time are the ones that boost our careers and can support our ventures. Aquarius is the sign of vision and originality. We feel as though we can almost touch the future, hence we strive to anticipate how it will be and how it should be.

While Venus transits Aquarius, our collection of friends become more significant to us. For some of us, all our close friends can be counted on one hand. But, with Aquarius, we recognize that we have many friends, from the friendly store clerk who chat with on a regular basis, to the friends we acquire in the various clubs and organizations we belong to. These are the friends who help us to feel in touch within our communities. Aquarius has a bit of a restless spirit vibrating through it's influence. At times, we are likely to feel antsy, if events or situations don't move along quickly enough. The Aquarian energy is frequently associated with ideas that are radical and extreme, however, it can also be connected to the inspirational and trend-setting changes that happen on a regular basis.

Individuals with Venus in Aquarius tend to be bubbly, enthusiastic and easy to be around. They are not inclined to show their emotions to others until they feel as though they will not be judged for displaying their feelings. Romantically, some of their loves may feel "short changed" since they are not always emotionally involved in the game of "love." They will tend to analyze their relationships with both friends and lovers. The Aquarius Venus loves a sense of freedom to explore intellectually, friendships and their creative interests. If a lover tries to dissuade them from their treasured activities, lack of support will not be well received. They are the most likely of all the signs to walk away from an argument first. The Venus in Aquarius is steeped with desires for a better future. They may not be the best at managing their financial resources. On the other hand, money does not always feel all that important. As long as they don't forget that the present is the reality to be dealt with first, their hopes for the future are likely to be realized.

Some famous individuals with Venus in Aquarius

Alec Baldwin
Bruce Willis
Carmen Miranda
Carole King
Cybill Shepherd
Dick Van Dyke
Donny Osmond
Ellen DeGeneres
Elton John
Glenn Close
Franklin D Roosevelt
Freddie Prinze Jr.
Isaac Newton
Jack Lemmon
Janis Joplin
Jessica Biel
Mel Gibson
Nick Nolte
Nicolas Cage
Oprah Winfrey
Paris Hilton
Richard Dean Anderson
Ricky Martin
Sammy Davis Jr
Sharon Stone
Taylor Swift
Vanessa Williams
Vanna White
Wolfgang A. Mozart
Yoko Ono