Sunday, December 18, 2011

Venus Transit Updates

This past year, I initiated a series of Venus transit information for the twelve zodiac signs.  I have completed the series and will be republishing them here with updated transit dates for the future.  The older ones are set back into the queue for next year.  If you are looking for ones that you know were posted in the past but seem to have vanished, they are not totally gone, they will be reissued in the near future. The entire series is available at "Astrology Home's" Basic Astrology Information.  Thanks!

Venus in Aquarius 2011/2012

Venus Accelerates through Aquarius    December 20, 2011 - January 13, 2012

Venus, the planet of balance, harmony, beauty, friendship and resources, when transiting in Aquarius, helps us out with social connections and career worth. Aquarius is the Fixed Air sign. We develop a stronger analytical outlook in the realm of science, as well as areas of humanitarianism. The social ties created at this time are the ones that boost our careers and can support our ventures. Aquarius is the sign of vision and originality. We feel as though we can almost touch the future, hence we strive to anticipate how it will be and how it should be.

While Venus transits Aquarius, our collection of friends become more significant to us. For some of us, all our close friends can be counted on one hand. But, with Aquarius, we recognize that we have many friends, from the friendly store clerk who chat with on a regular basis, to the friends we acquire in the various clubs and organizations we belong to. These are the friends who help us to feel in touch within our communities. Aquarius has a bit of a restless spirit vibrating through it's influence. At times, we are likely to feel antsy, if events or situations don't move along quickly enough. The Aquarian energy is frequently associated with ideas that are radical and extreme, however, it can also be connected to the inspirational and trend-setting changes that happen on a regular basis.

Individuals with Venus in Aquarius tend to be bubbly, enthusiastic and easy to be around. They are not inclined to show their emotions to others until they feel as though they will not be judged for displaying their feelings. Romantically, some of their loves may feel "short changed" since they are not always emotionally involved in the game of "love." They will tend to analyze their relationships with both friends and lovers. The Aquarius Venus loves a sense of freedom to explore intellectually, friendships and their creative interests. If a lover tries to dissuade them from their treasured activities, lack of support will not be well received. They are the most likely of all the signs to walk away from an argument first. The Venus in Aquarius is steeped with desires for a better future. They may not be the best at managing their financial resources. On the other hand, money does not always feel all that important. As long as they don't forget that the present is the reality to be dealt with first, their hopes for the future are likely to be realized.

Some famous individuals with Venus in Aquarius

Alec Baldwin
Bruce Willis
Carmen Miranda
Carole King
Cybill Shepherd
Dick Van Dyke
Donny Osmond
Ellen DeGeneres
Elton John
Glenn Close
Franklin D Roosevelt
Freddie Prinze Jr.
Isaac Newton
Jack Lemmon
Janis Joplin
Jessica Biel
Mel Gibson
Nick Nolte
Nicolas Cage
Oprah Winfrey
Paris Hilton
Richard Dean Anderson
Ricky Martin
Sammy Davis Jr
Sharon Stone
Taylor Swift
Vanessa Williams
Vanna White
Wolfgang A. Mozart
Yoko Ono

Friday, November 25, 2011

Venus in Capricorn 2011

Venus Transits Capricorn    November 26 - December 19, 2011

Venus, the planet of value, friends, partnerships and beauty is shifting into the zodiac sign that helps us to define status, big goals and strategic plans. There is also a sense of aged-wisdom found within the sign of Capricorn. Capricorn is an Earth Cardinal influence, helping us to feel a sense of practicality within our leadership. We also discover unusual beauty outside of the bold statements and societal perceptions of ideal. Appearances of wealth and success are frequently associated with the Venus in Capricorn transit although there is significantly more to it than simply want and desire.

The Venus in Capricorn transit influences all of us by encouraging us to be better, to improve our sense of worth or our reputation. It is no surprise that the New Year resolution occurs during the sign of the Solar Capricorn transit. We are able to clearly see what the problems are, and we are ready to move forward to actually fix the issues. On the other hand, the fix is never quick and easy, and despite our determination while we are being influenced with the Capricorn energies, it is short lived, and once the planets have moved past Capricorn, we are right back to our old practices that don't truly resolve the problems.

Some of the difficult issues that we encounter with Venus in Capricorn is an unrealistic perspective to an ideal/goal that we would like to attain. We can see the problem, we can see where we need to go with fixing it, but we can't quite come to terms with the "necessary" for the fix. We push, but when reality pushes back, we may be a bit too quick to start looking for a new solution.

Individuals born with Venus in Capricorn can appear to be more serious within their relationships with others. There tends to be a shy, reserved trait but it usually is due to their desire to control their emotions so that their outward expressions are not presented as weak or insecure. The individual does not like to deal with the hurt and vulnerability that is frequently associated with romance. They also tend to keep their financial matters very private to minimize the likelihood of public scrutiny. Unfortunately, trying to hide from these situations does not prevent uncomfortable situations from occurring for the Venus in Capricorn. Perhaps one of the most cruel features of the Capricorn Venus is that when their attempts to protect themselves fail, they internalize the pain, frequently causing them to suffer more than necessary.

Some famous individuals with Venus in Capricorn

Tyra Banks
Marisa Berenson
Jeff Bridges
Dick Cavett
Miley Cyrus
Danny DeVito
Walt Disney
Mikhail Gorbachev
Daryl Hannah
Rock Hudson
Joan of Arc
Naomi Judd
Diane Keaton

Kennedy: Caroline, John F. Jrs. & Robert
Taylor Lautner
Toni Morrison
Dolly Parton
Brad Pitt
Presley: Elvis & Lisa Marie
Molly Ringwald
Chanda Rubin
Frank Sinatra
Britney Jean Spears
Betty White
Elijah Wood

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Venus in Sagittarius 2011

Venus Streaks through Sagittarius      November 2 - November 25, 2011

Venus, the planet of relationships, good friends, monetary gain and beauty in the mutable fire sign of Sagittarius becomes fearless and adventurous. Travel, exploration and carefree attitudes are likely to be on the program now. We also may not be able to keep from tripping on our tongues as we blurt out exactly how we feel. While we may not be quite as intuitive as we were while Venus was in Scorpio, we do feel wiser and more cultured. We may also be more open to diversity and cultural differences. Financially, we are likely to splurge more than we should. But, how else are we going to travel the world without spending the inheritance.

The Venus in Sagittarius craves openness as well as awareness. Yet, despite the innate desire for love, the connection between lovers may not always be smooth. Our gusto could come across more as slapstick silliness. But laughter is a good release, bringing out different opportunities to appeal to others who share similar taste in humor. The restless Sagittarius energy could be unsettling for those who feel the need for power and control within relationships. The transition from Scorpio influences to Sagittarius influences could lead to some rocky confrontations.

The unflattering nature of Venus in Sagittarius is the somewhat crass or devil-may-care attitudes that can surface. People are less concerned about how others perceive their actions, taking on a "take it or leave it" stance.

Individuals born with Venus in Sagittarius are inclined to be more "happy go lucky" in love and money matters. They lean towards being quite popular, enthusiastic, outgoing and social. However, a sense of fairness is also important. They are not easily drawn into intrigue and mystery. They typically want honest interactions without deception or manipulation. They generally like their freedom to travel and learn. They are the more adventurous group in the zodiac and don't take kindly to being told what they can, or cannot do in life.

Some famous individuals with Venus in Sagittarius

Al Capone
Alan Alda
Angela Lansbury
Christina Aguilera
David Bowie
Jamie Lee Curtis
Jane Fonda
Jimi Hendrix
Jonas Salk

Jude Law
Kevin Costner
Maria Shriver
Mark Twain
Roseanne Barr
Sally Field
Sammy Sosa
Suzanne Somers
Whoppi Goldberg

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Venus in Scorpio 2011

Venus Strikes a pose in Scorpio   October 9 - November 1, 2011

When Venus transits Scorpio, the passion within our relationships increases exponentially. Trying to satiate the lust that can be associated with Venus' trip through Scorpio is not easy. The characteristics from the planet of affection, beauty and money in the fixed element sign of Scorpio runs considerably deeper than in any other sign. Interestingly enough, despite the intensity, we also appear more aloof and distant until we feel a sense of trust. Scorpio is also associated with finances, but having more to do with loans, trusts and owing rather than money earned. Scorpio is better known for the hidden, mysterious under-currents of life.

The desire of Venus in Scorpio is a sense of integrity as well as intrigue. Superficial associations will never be satisfactory, however, the political field for the influence and status is sometimes connected with Venus in Scorpio. It's that power and control feature of Scorpio that can quickly be lured into politics. Be alert; there can also be layers of jealousy and revenge that can catch us off guard. There always seems to be a catch within any relationship when Venus transits Scorpio. While loyalty and integrity are a high priority, the expectation is that when it is given, it must also be received.

Individuals born with Venus in Scorpio are especially romantic and passionate. But they are also very upfront and sincere about their feelings within the relationship. They tend to be very knowledgeable about specific subjects. They are frequently interested in the psychological nature of others because they seem to have an intuitive understanding of human thought processes. They sometimes have a difficult time with finances until they come to understand that money is not an "entitlement" but a resource that is to be earned and respected. They may not have a large number of friends, but the friends they choose to be around have earned the Venus in Scorpio seal of approval.

Some famous individuals with Venus in Scorpio

Bette Midler
Bill Gates
Carl Sagan
Chris Evert
Demi Moore
Denzel Washington
Goldie Hawn
Heidi Montag
Hillary Rodham Clinton
Jana Novotna

Jodie Foster
Keith Richards
Leonardo DiCaprio
Marie Antoinette
Patty Duke
Shawn Kemp
Sigourney Weaver
Ted Bundy
Winona Ryder

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Venus in Libra 2011

Venus Lingers in Libra September 15 - October 8, 2011

When Venus transits Libra, the concept of interpersonal relationship is highlighted. Venus is the ruler of Libra and while most of us attribute Venus and Libra with Love, there is quite a bit more to the sign and the planet. Libra's also well known for balance and harmony, legal negotiations, business transactions, partnerships and monetary equality. In a nutshell, Libra is renowned for egalitarianism. Connections made while Venus is in Libra are less productive when the events are steeped in hierarchy or disharmony.

The Venus in Libra desire is for comfort and beauty. If money must be spent in order to attain that desire, then the amount will not be the deterrent. There is also the penchant for romance, and all the trappings that go with the rituals of love. However, love making may not be as important as the feelings of sensuality that lead up to the event. The same could hold true while trying to woo a business partnership. The energy that goes into the formation of the partnership feels so much more significant than the actual finalization of the business deal.

The cold side of the Libran Venus is the sometime haughty, "better than thee" attitude that can come through. Even though the belief of being "equal" is the precedence, the airy energies can sometime undo that as we become too indecisive or dive too deep into the game of equalization, forgetting that we are dealing with human emotions, as well. We will still need to make decisions and take actions regardless of whether others feel it is fair.

Individuals who are born with Venus in Libra tend to be very popular with the opposite sex. They are considered to be more affectionate and romantic within their relationships.  They are drawn to marriage and partnerships which value them as an equal decision-maker. They don't like to be ruled over by others. They also don't like environments where there is a lot of strife or discord. Because they are drawn to romance and marriage, they are more likely to enter into these partnerships earlier in life than their peers. They are likely to feel more complete when walking through life within a relationship. They are also likely to be a natural mediator, trying to balance the outcomes of quarrels between others. Unfortunately, their desire for harmony does not always play out well within their own relationships.

Some famous individuals with Venus in Libra:

Nick Jonas
Jada Pinkett-Smith
Will Smith
Charlie Sheen
Woody Allen
Lance Armstrong
Kobe Bryant
Prince Charles
Prince Harry

Hillary Duff
John Edwards
Richard Gere
Shelley Long
Henry Winkler
Grace Kelly
Georgia O'Keeffe
River Phoenix

Friday, August 19, 2011

Venus in Virgo 2011

Venus Vaults through Virgo - August 21 - September 15, 2011

Venus, the planet of partnerships, value, good friends, income and beauty in the communal Mutable Earth sign of Virgo becomes articulate and concise. The unbridled affection that we felt with Venus in Leo is likely to be constricted now as Venus in Virgo can be considerably more discriminating in taste. We are more likely to refine our desires now, to seek out just the right person to fall in love with. Despite the change of attitude, the passion of Venus in Virgo is still quite intense! However, we may become so overly cautious that we not only narrow the playing field, but we also cast aside some of our best potentials. For some reason, we seem to focus more on the minor character flaws rather than looking at the overall person. Sitting around reading romance novels is certainly no substitute for real love.

We are more inclined to throw our energy into our business matters in an effort to get these affairs in tip-top shape. We are more likely to promote humanitarian concepts now as we feel a need to demonstrate our talents in ways to help others. We are no longer concerned with getting all the attention focused on ourselves, preferring to let the limelight shine on someone else.

Individuals who are born with Venus in Virgo are, quite possibly, reserved in the love department but have a keen awareness of money, value, ethics and loyalty. They are likely to have a flair for teaching, writing, and business analysis. They may not give their heart away to just anyone. That special someone will have to work hard to earn their respect and attention. They are drawn to people who treat them special. They need to be careful of the dubious con who plays with their heartstrings in an effort to take something important from them. Their love and affection comes across as mysterious to many, who make false assumptions about the best way to win their heart.

Some famous individuals with Venus in Virgo:

Anne Bancroft
Antonio Banderas
Catherine Zeta-Jones
Colin Firth
Halle Berry
Heather Locklear
Helen Hayes
J.K. Rowling
Jennifer Lopez
John Lennon
Julia Child
Julia Roberts
Kate Winslet

Lily Tomlin
Lucille Ball
Magic Johnson
Mick Jagger
Patrick Swayze
Penny Marshall
Robert de Niro
Robert Redford
Robin Williams
Sarah Ferguson
Scout Willis
Sean Penn
Sigourney Weaver
Spencer Pratt

Monday, August 1, 2011

Retrograde Mercury August 2 - August 26, 2011

Mercury, like all the other planets that orbit the Sun, will be appearing to retrograde motion starting late in the day on August 2 for the western hemisphere and early in the morning on August 3 for the majority of the eastern hemisphere. Although Mercury starts the retrograde in Virgo, five days after retrograde begins, Mercury will egress Virgo for Leo.

Initially, the retrograde may bring about issues that develop as a result of missing the details. We could forget to pick someone up from the airport, or walk off leaving something of value on the counter. Initiating contracts or negotiations could simply backfire or blow up before it ever being finalized. After Mercury is in Leo, the energy shifts to having issues with creativity, romance and risk-taking. Finding new ways to express our creative side could end up as a reward, if this energy is dealt with correctly. Don't focus on the progress. Instead, let whatever culminates stand as is, until Mercury stations direct. Re-evaluate after August 26 to determine whether the project or situation is feasible.

Other dates to be aware of are the shadows on either side of the retrograde. The preshadow of Mercury's retrograde was July 15 to August 2. The postshadow will be August 26 to September 9. These are great times to gear up in preparation before and then wind down or clean up after the retrograde.

Another interesting perspective for the Mercury retrograde is where the Mercury transit is from the Heliocentric perspective as opposed to just the geocentric one. While Geo Mercury is transiting backward in Virgo, Helio Mercury will be in Capricorn. When we blend the two energies together, we can fuse the reduced analytical feature of Mercury's retrograde with the power driven workaholic Capricorn. This may well be a time of purging and cleaning. When Geo Mercury is back into Leo, the Helio Mercury will be in Aquarius until August 18 and then Pisces until August 25. The Aquarius influence will likely add in a layer of friendship with freedom. There could be a few sudden shifts in relationships. Not always in a negative way, but more "in a new way." The Helio Mercury in Pisces along with Mercury retrograde in Leo is likely to encourage us to pursue the pleasures of life. For some, it may be the guilty pleasures, while for others, it could be the simple pleasures. Either way, enjoyment is the main goal.

Regardless of where the Mercury retrograde transit moves through your chart, be prepared to re-do, re-think, re-group and re-strain. To learn more about Mercury's Retrograde, read the article in the Astrology section of Lunar Living.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Moon Sign Compatibility

A new website designed around Lunar Living's Moon Match page has been started up and promises to become quite popular. The Love Signs of the Moon has a bit more mystery than the Sun Signs since the Moon's a bit harder to track. New tools have been added to help find the Moon Sign, plus a Solar Signs, Lunar Signs and Rising (Ascendant) compatibility page has been added to provide a bit more information about relationship building. Check out the site at Yes, that's truly the URL: MoonMatch (dot) Me! Check it out and enjoy :)