Friday, November 25, 2011

Venus in Capricorn 2011

Venus Transits Capricorn    November 26 - December 19, 2011

Venus, the planet of value, friends, partnerships and beauty is shifting into the zodiac sign that helps us to define status, big goals and strategic plans. There is also a sense of aged-wisdom found within the sign of Capricorn. Capricorn is an Earth Cardinal influence, helping us to feel a sense of practicality within our leadership. We also discover unusual beauty outside of the bold statements and societal perceptions of ideal. Appearances of wealth and success are frequently associated with the Venus in Capricorn transit although there is significantly more to it than simply want and desire.

The Venus in Capricorn transit influences all of us by encouraging us to be better, to improve our sense of worth or our reputation. It is no surprise that the New Year resolution occurs during the sign of the Solar Capricorn transit. We are able to clearly see what the problems are, and we are ready to move forward to actually fix the issues. On the other hand, the fix is never quick and easy, and despite our determination while we are being influenced with the Capricorn energies, it is short lived, and once the planets have moved past Capricorn, we are right back to our old practices that don't truly resolve the problems.

Some of the difficult issues that we encounter with Venus in Capricorn is an unrealistic perspective to an ideal/goal that we would like to attain. We can see the problem, we can see where we need to go with fixing it, but we can't quite come to terms with the "necessary" for the fix. We push, but when reality pushes back, we may be a bit too quick to start looking for a new solution.

Individuals born with Venus in Capricorn can appear to be more serious within their relationships with others. There tends to be a shy, reserved trait but it usually is due to their desire to control their emotions so that their outward expressions are not presented as weak or insecure. The individual does not like to deal with the hurt and vulnerability that is frequently associated with romance. They also tend to keep their financial matters very private to minimize the likelihood of public scrutiny. Unfortunately, trying to hide from these situations does not prevent uncomfortable situations from occurring for the Venus in Capricorn. Perhaps one of the most cruel features of the Capricorn Venus is that when their attempts to protect themselves fail, they internalize the pain, frequently causing them to suffer more than necessary.

Some famous individuals with Venus in Capricorn

Tyra Banks
Marisa Berenson
Jeff Bridges
Dick Cavett
Miley Cyrus
Danny DeVito
Walt Disney
Mikhail Gorbachev
Daryl Hannah
Rock Hudson
Joan of Arc
Naomi Judd
Diane Keaton

Kennedy: Caroline, John F. Jrs. & Robert
Taylor Lautner
Toni Morrison
Dolly Parton
Brad Pitt
Presley: Elvis & Lisa Marie
Molly Ringwald
Chanda Rubin
Frank Sinatra
Britney Jean Spears
Betty White
Elijah Wood

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Venus in Sagittarius 2011

Venus Streaks through Sagittarius      November 2 - November 25, 2011

Venus, the planet of relationships, good friends, monetary gain and beauty in the mutable fire sign of Sagittarius becomes fearless and adventurous. Travel, exploration and carefree attitudes are likely to be on the program now. We also may not be able to keep from tripping on our tongues as we blurt out exactly how we feel. While we may not be quite as intuitive as we were while Venus was in Scorpio, we do feel wiser and more cultured. We may also be more open to diversity and cultural differences. Financially, we are likely to splurge more than we should. But, how else are we going to travel the world without spending the inheritance.

The Venus in Sagittarius craves openness as well as awareness. Yet, despite the innate desire for love, the connection between lovers may not always be smooth. Our gusto could come across more as slapstick silliness. But laughter is a good release, bringing out different opportunities to appeal to others who share similar taste in humor. The restless Sagittarius energy could be unsettling for those who feel the need for power and control within relationships. The transition from Scorpio influences to Sagittarius influences could lead to some rocky confrontations.

The unflattering nature of Venus in Sagittarius is the somewhat crass or devil-may-care attitudes that can surface. People are less concerned about how others perceive their actions, taking on a "take it or leave it" stance.

Individuals born with Venus in Sagittarius are inclined to be more "happy go lucky" in love and money matters. They lean towards being quite popular, enthusiastic, outgoing and social. However, a sense of fairness is also important. They are not easily drawn into intrigue and mystery. They typically want honest interactions without deception or manipulation. They generally like their freedom to travel and learn. They are the more adventurous group in the zodiac and don't take kindly to being told what they can, or cannot do in life.

Some famous individuals with Venus in Sagittarius

Al Capone
Alan Alda
Angela Lansbury
Christina Aguilera
David Bowie
Jamie Lee Curtis
Jane Fonda
Jimi Hendrix
Jonas Salk

Jude Law
Kevin Costner
Maria Shriver
Mark Twain
Roseanne Barr
Sally Field
Sammy Sosa
Suzanne Somers
Whoppi Goldberg