Saturday, March 3, 2012

Venus in Taurus 2012

Venus Treks thru Taurus  March 5 - April 3, 2012

Venus, the planet of personal possessions, value, balance, relationships and beauty is moving into the zodiac sign that helps in regards to personal finance, comfort and commitment. Taurus is a communal Earth Fixed influence, encouraging us to be more patient and to trust our own decisions. Venus is at home in Taurus as it is one of the two signs that Venus rules over. This sign is associated with the resource and money side of Venus' domain, but there is so much more to it.  There is also a craftsmanship component with pride of work and ownership.  Virtually anything that is worked for and earned while Venus is transiting Taurus to appreciated so much more. Persistence is so much easier to hang on to when Venus visits Taurus.

While Venus transits Taurus, we may yearn for a simpler way of life. We like to reminisce about the old-fashioned pleasures that we once enjoyed. This is a time when we just can't seem to say no when we see memorabilia that reminds us of our childhood or our fantasies when attending auctions or collection events. We may crave comfort foods that remind us of home and family. This period can also become a hoarder's nightmare as we just can't let go of anything.  It is a very difficult time to rid ourselves of useless items that no longer have value simply because of the most simple memories attached to the items. Don't expect to get much cleaned out of storage while Venus transits Taurus.

Individuals with Venus in Taurus are extremely romantic and loving.  They tend to wear their heart on their sleeve in the love department.  They love expressing their love to the point of extreme opulence.  However, the Taurus also has a desire to "own" objects as a way of showing wealth.  They need to be extremely careful not to try to own their partner, since these "ownership" concepts quickly wear old and the "owned" tend to feel as though they have become indentured servants to their lovers. The excesses can eventually smother any passion that originated. Finding a partner who shares their interest in art, talents or lifestyle will help minimize the potential difficulties.

Some famous individuals with Venus in Taurus:

Ann Margret
Billy Joel
Carol Burnett
Ella Fitzgerald
Ellen Barkin
Eric Clapton
Frank Lloyd Wright
George Lucas
Ian McKellen
Jessica Alba
John (Duke) Wayne
John Edwards
Johnny Depp
Juliana Margulies

Leonardo de Vinci
Marlon Brando
Nancy Reagan
Paul McCartney
Pete Wentz
Pope John Paul II
Prince William
Princess Diana of Wales
Ricky Schroder
Ryan O'Neal
Stacy Ferguson "Fergie"
Steffi Graf
Tennessee Williams
Tim Curry
Willie Nelson