Sunday, August 5, 2012

Venus in Cancer 2012

Venus Catapults through Cancer August 7 - September 6, 2012

Venus, the planet of friends, value, love, partnerships and beauty is moving into the zodiac sign that helps us in regards to hearth, home, and childhood memories. There is also a sense of nurturing and devotion associated with the sign of Cancer. Cancer is a communal Water Cardinal influence, helping us to feel a sense of patriotism, domesticity and economic stability. At times, sentimentality can cloud our choices, or our pride can cause us to ignore the obvious consequences. We may be become more moody than usual when life involves money or love decisions.

While Venus transits Cancer, we might feel sentimental, a bit old-fashioned in the romantic arena, and concerned about financial situations involving home and family. Our emotional connections and childhood memories at closely tied to both money and love. We react with our instincts to the possibilities of love and finances based on what we learned as children. Events involving chaos or confusion are typically avoided since we crave peace in our family life at this time. We may even be inclined to try to "buy" the peace that we seek. We have a tendency to rely too much on others in our homes or families, with high expectations.

Individuals with Venus in Cancer tend to seek out love. They have a romantic streak once the person of interest has proven their trustworthiness. Cancer Venus holders are more cautious in the departments of love and money. Often, the two seemingly different concepts become intertwined. If you are a male with Venus in Cancer, you may hold off getting involved with a partner until you feel that you have a reliable source of income. If you are a female with Venus in Cancer, you are likely to search out a partner who can provide and protect your security or becoming self-sufficient to the point of rejecting a potential partner who can't stand on his/her own two feet. Once the security piece is in place, the native Cancer Venus holder becomes quite sensual and effusive toward the person who has won his/her heart. On the somewhat downside of the Venus in Cancer influence is the tendency for jealousy and/or greed.

Some famous individuals with Venus in Cancer:

Angelina Jolie
Anna Kournikova
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Barack H. Obama, II
Ben Affleck
Billy Ray Cyrus
Bob Hope
Cameron Diaz
Carl Jung
Clint Eastwood
Courteney Cox
Donald Trump
Dustin Hoffman
Ernest Hemingway
Harry S. Truman
Helen Keller

Jerry Garcia
Jimmy Stewart
Judy Garland
Juliette Lewis
Keanu Reeves
Kristi Yamaguchi
La Toya Jackson
Lyndon B. Johnson
Mae West
Martin Sheen
Meryl Streep
Natalie Portman
Nicole Brown Simpson
O.J. Simpson
Steve Martin
Willem Dafoe