Friday, August 19, 2011

Venus in Virgo 2011

Venus Vaults through Virgo - August 21 - September 15, 2011

Venus, the planet of partnerships, value, good friends, income and beauty in the communal Mutable Earth sign of Virgo becomes articulate and concise. The unbridled affection that we felt with Venus in Leo is likely to be constricted now as Venus in Virgo can be considerably more discriminating in taste. We are more likely to refine our desires now, to seek out just the right person to fall in love with. Despite the change of attitude, the passion of Venus in Virgo is still quite intense! However, we may become so overly cautious that we not only narrow the playing field, but we also cast aside some of our best potentials. For some reason, we seem to focus more on the minor character flaws rather than looking at the overall person. Sitting around reading romance novels is certainly no substitute for real love.

We are more inclined to throw our energy into our business matters in an effort to get these affairs in tip-top shape. We are more likely to promote humanitarian concepts now as we feel a need to demonstrate our talents in ways to help others. We are no longer concerned with getting all the attention focused on ourselves, preferring to let the limelight shine on someone else.

Individuals who are born with Venus in Virgo are, quite possibly, reserved in the love department but have a keen awareness of money, value, ethics and loyalty. They are likely to have a flair for teaching, writing, and business analysis. They may not give their heart away to just anyone. That special someone will have to work hard to earn their respect and attention. They are drawn to people who treat them special. They need to be careful of the dubious con who plays with their heartstrings in an effort to take something important from them. Their love and affection comes across as mysterious to many, who make false assumptions about the best way to win their heart.

Some famous individuals with Venus in Virgo:

Anne Bancroft
Antonio Banderas
Catherine Zeta-Jones
Colin Firth
Halle Berry
Heather Locklear
Helen Hayes
J.K. Rowling
Jennifer Lopez
John Lennon
Julia Child
Julia Roberts
Kate Winslet

Lily Tomlin
Lucille Ball
Magic Johnson
Mick Jagger
Patrick Swayze
Penny Marshall
Robert de Niro
Robert Redford
Robin Williams
Sarah Ferguson
Scout Willis
Sean Penn
Sigourney Weaver
Spencer Pratt