Monday, August 1, 2011

Retrograde Mercury August 2 - August 26, 2011

Mercury, like all the other planets that orbit the Sun, will be appearing to retrograde motion starting late in the day on August 2 for the western hemisphere and early in the morning on August 3 for the majority of the eastern hemisphere. Although Mercury starts the retrograde in Virgo, five days after retrograde begins, Mercury will egress Virgo for Leo.

Initially, the retrograde may bring about issues that develop as a result of missing the details. We could forget to pick someone up from the airport, or walk off leaving something of value on the counter. Initiating contracts or negotiations could simply backfire or blow up before it ever being finalized. After Mercury is in Leo, the energy shifts to having issues with creativity, romance and risk-taking. Finding new ways to express our creative side could end up as a reward, if this energy is dealt with correctly. Don't focus on the progress. Instead, let whatever culminates stand as is, until Mercury stations direct. Re-evaluate after August 26 to determine whether the project or situation is feasible.

Other dates to be aware of are the shadows on either side of the retrograde. The preshadow of Mercury's retrograde was July 15 to August 2. The postshadow will be August 26 to September 9. These are great times to gear up in preparation before and then wind down or clean up after the retrograde.

Another interesting perspective for the Mercury retrograde is where the Mercury transit is from the Heliocentric perspective as opposed to just the geocentric one. While Geo Mercury is transiting backward in Virgo, Helio Mercury will be in Capricorn. When we blend the two energies together, we can fuse the reduced analytical feature of Mercury's retrograde with the power driven workaholic Capricorn. This may well be a time of purging and cleaning. When Geo Mercury is back into Leo, the Helio Mercury will be in Aquarius until August 18 and then Pisces until August 25. The Aquarius influence will likely add in a layer of friendship with freedom. There could be a few sudden shifts in relationships. Not always in a negative way, but more "in a new way." The Helio Mercury in Pisces along with Mercury retrograde in Leo is likely to encourage us to pursue the pleasures of life. For some, it may be the guilty pleasures, while for others, it could be the simple pleasures. Either way, enjoyment is the main goal.

Regardless of where the Mercury retrograde transit moves through your chart, be prepared to re-do, re-think, re-group and re-strain. To learn more about Mercury's Retrograde, read the article in the Astrology section of Lunar Living.