Thursday, January 12, 2012

Venus in Pisces 2012

Venus Paces through Pisces   January 14, 2012 - February 7,  2012

Venus, the planet of balance, value, aesthetics and partnerships in the zodiac sign that helps us to define the past, hidden friends or enemies, and secrecy can develop into quite the mystery. Pisces is the Mutable Water sign influencing the ties that bind and bond us when Venus is involved. Fantasies of romance and money can cause us to make some disastrous choices. We do better if we put aside our own gratifications and focus on helping out a friend or loved one. Just don't do it with the expectation of a quick payback. Actions for the betterment of another, without spite or malice, may not be as simple as it seems. Venus' influence wants everything to be fair and just, while Pisces totally fuels those elusive effusive affairs of the heart.

While Venus is transiting Pisces, there is always the potential for a secret romance or a mystery admirer. Additionally, we may discover more about the ones we love. In the realm of finance, money takes on a different significance, particularly if there's a charitable, spiritual or emotional connection. We need to be more aware of our own reasonings in our personal decisions for our joy and happiness to manifest. We may hide our true feelings for wanting or giving affection to protect our fantasy of the ideal.

Individuals born with Venus in Pisces tends to be compassionate. Those who have been repeatedly hurt over time as a result of their selfless compassion may be less willing to express their passion when initiating into a new relationship, in hopes that the lover will eventually see into their soul. They may love another "from afar" in an effort to protect the romantic vision or the love fantasy. The Venus in Pisces person may desire a "need to be needed" relationship. They tend to be extremely romantic due to their intuitive nature. When they meet the right person, their love is beyond devotion and selfless; it is almost sacred. It is not uncommon for Venus in Pisces individuals to be exceptionally talented with their sensitive imaginations that allow them to plummet into the depths of romance and beauty.

Some famous individuals with Venus in Pisces:

Barbra Streisand
Billie Holiday
Charles Dickens
Christian Dior
Dakota Fanning
Diana Ross
Drew Barrymore
Edgar Allen Poe
Emmylou Harris
Erik Estrada
Francis F Coppola
George Harrison
George Washington
Hans Grimm
Hugh Hefner

Jason Bateman
John Travolta
Julian Lennon
Kurt Cobain
Martin Luther King
Marvin Gaye
Michelle Pfeiffer
Penelope Cruz
Rod Stewart
Ronald Reagan
Shirley MacLaine
Sidney Poitier
Tom Brokaw
Tom Selleck
Vincent Van Gogh

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