Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Venus in Leo 2012

Venus Launches through Leo    September 6 - October 3, 2012

Venus, the planet of personal possessions, friendship, relationships, monetary gains and harmony in the individual Fixed Fire sign of Leo becomes creative and brave. The Venus transit through Leo can be a lovely warm magical influence. Attractions are strengthened between lovers as well as bonds between parent to child. This is a great time to explore new creative ideas or to expand on the creative talents that we already possess. We tend to be a bit riskier with our ideas, our romantic connections, and also with our money.

We may become more reward-seeking, pleasure desiring and even somewhat self-indulgent while Venus visits Leo. We seem to be attracted to the finest, most expensive items, and when we find them, we are more likely to spend the money to get them. We may also become more "dramatic" in our desire to seek attention from others.

Individuals born with Venus in Leo tend to be fun loving and in many cases, irresistible to their love interests. In a crowd of people, the Leo Venus born is likely to take center-stage. They tend to be extremely generous with gifts, praise, talents and love. They tend to have a special bond with their children. Probably because they are in tune to the children's specific needs and desires for security. They may be drawn into many love affairs in their lifetime, especially as the luster wears off of an existing relationship. They not only have talent, they have the ability to find talent within others.

Some famous individuals with Venus in Leo:

Alfred Hitchcock
George Bush, Jr.
Greta Garbo
Gwyneth Paltrow
Jeremy Irons
Lindsay Lohan
Michael Jackson

Nicole Kidman
Olivia Newton-John
Pamela Anderson
Salma Hayek
Sean Hayes
Tobey Maguire
Tom Cruise
Whitney Houston